At Arbor, we take great pride in manufacturing USDA certified organic skincare products that are formulated with antioxidant rich superfoods to nourish the skin. We select plants that are valued for their skin health benefits and have been used by natives for skincare for  generations. These remarkable plants grow in different parts of the world like the Amazon rainforest, the pristine region of Patagonia, the high altitudes of Andes mountains and the Mediterranean  to name a few. They are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, B, C, E,  polyphenols, falvanoids, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. These nutrients work synergistically together to nourish the skin.

The antioxidant rich superfoods that we use help to:

·         Enhance the synthesis of collagen and increase skin elasticity

·         Reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eye

·         Even the look of blemishes

·         Brighten the skin

·         Relief redness and irritation

·         Fight the damaging effect of  free radicals

Our products are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This certification body has the highest set of organic certification standards worldwide. It guarantees that at least 95% of a product’s ingredients are certified organic. The remaining 0-5% can be ingredients that are not available organically but still cannot be GMOs, synthetic chemicals, artificial dyes or artificial fragrances especially those containing harmful compounds like phthalates, parabens, benzoates, sulfates or phenoxyethanol.

The USDA certification distinguishes our products from others marketed as organic but contain a mix of organic and synthetic ingredients.

Our creams come in containers fitted with airless, external-spring pumps that keep the creams fresh and effective. Our products are cruelty free. They are not tested on animals. We proudly manufacture our products in Canada.  

Enjoy safe, immediate and long-lasting results with our USDA certified organic skincare collection.


Why settle for anything less, when you can have Certified Organic!

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